Conditions and Services

Unconditional Guarantee

The Roland Collections has used its best endeavors to make its own excellent film negatives and video 1-inch masters as well as to be accurate in the description of each program. Should customers for any reason feel that their purchase does not satisfy their needs, we will credit them, replace the title or make a refund, as requested.

With online streaming and The Roland Collection can not be held responsible for errors due to the complexity of internet technology that might corrupt data files during transmission.

Conditions of Use

Roland Collection films, videos and online programs are copyright. The making of an archive copy or duplicating in whole or part is not permitted.

Film and Video Formats

On request, U-matic and Beta SP videos are also available. 35mm film (normal and widescreen) as well as 16mm film, may be specially ordered for some titles.

International TV Systems

When ordering a video, please specify where a tape will be used so that we can ensure that it is compatible with your TV system. In addition to VHS, U-matic and Beta SP cassette formats, there are different types of television signal in operation throughout the world. The two most common systems are NTSC, used in North America, most of South America, Japan and part of the Middle East, and PAL, used in the UK, Australia, South Africa, parts of South America, Malaysia and most of Western Europe.

Commercial and Educational Services

Foreign Language Versions

Many VHS titles are available in different languages: see the language of your choice in the General Index. There is a 20 per cent surcharge for language versions other than English.

Stock Footage

Stock footage may be purchased for educational and commercial use. Please indicate your interest and we will advise which productions are available for footage sale. Our entire collection of twenty-six million cinematic images is available with a visual time code, facilitating location of appropriate footage.

Transcripts of Narrations

Transcripts are available for many titles (some also in foreign language versions). These have proved an invaluable support to educators preparing class activities as well as to television program directors looking for stock footage. 

Videos on Art

The printed 450 page color Resource Guide is available for purchase - click here.