Creating International Film Events

Art Hopping: The Roland Collection and ICOM offered hours of free films in celebration of International Museum Day!

For International Museum Day 2013 , ICOM and the Roland Collection of Films on Art  cooperated for the ART HOPPING project from May 12 – 31, 2013. This project provided visitors with 39 free films about art.

ART HOPPING took the viewer through a large cinematic landscape with two different sets of film, one with English-language commentary and another without any narration or text, suitable for non-English-speaking audiences as well as the hearing-impaired. In total, 17 hours of free cinema were available.

ART HOPPING provided posters in English, Spanish, French and German. Each ART HOPPING poster contained several QR codes that instantly called up films selected from the Roland Collection. By pointing their smartphones at the familiar square pattern, visitors could hop from one film to another. Access to the selected films was immediate and streaming did not require log-in or navigation via a website.

ah poster1
ah poster2