Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements?
The films and Filmscapes have been tested using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE10 and IE11. A combination of Windows 7 and IE11 occasionally says ‘error loading media’ if so then please use Chrome or Firefox. Filmscapes require the use of Adobe Flash so will not operate on devices that do not support this, such as Ipads.   

Who will use this website?
Those open to and interested in art appreciation and art history: individuals and educational
institutions (schools, colleges, libraries and museums) film clubs and corporations.
All films indicate recommended age ranges. This is an ideal resource for curators and museum members.

What kind of films are offered?
From very high budgets (over a million dollars each) made for the cinema to television specials
and independent productions – the work of 230 filmmakers from 25 countries.
There is no one specific type of film, as this unique international selection over 50 years
presents a vast array of filming techniques, the emphasis being on valuable art content
rather than interviewing artists.

Why are the indexes so valuable?
These have been manually created, like the most expensive art books, so every entry is
relevant - quite the opposite to automated computer generated data.

What about sensitive subject matter?
This occurs in very few films and is clearly stated in the film description notes.

Are institutional subscriptions available?
Yes: these are tailored to suit individual institutions, be they museums, libraries, universities, schools as well as clubs and corporations. Prices vary according to size of membership or student base and country of location. This is also open to Ministries of Education for a licence covering all educational establishments within a country.

Are there passes for entire institutions?
Yes, for all students and staff both on or off campus, or for Museum members.
Please enquire.

Can these streaming films be projected?
Yes, ideally for screens less than 6 feet (2 meters) wide. Worth testing your equipment.

Can films be downloaded?
Not from this streaming site.

Are the films available for streaming worldwide?
Yes, but a few programs are restricted in certain countries. You are automatically informed when ordering a film.

Does streaming entitle ownership?
No. But you have 48 hours to view and explore the film as often as you wish.

Can this website be integrated into a university curriculum?
Yes, for both on campus and off campus use and for distance learning.

Is client branding offered?
Yes; very much so, see empty space top center of this website header. This is where an institutional or corporate logo can have their own branding inserted throughout all their usage of The Roland Collection. It is worthwhile to explore this elegant personalization.

Can a visitor use this site to self curate content to become an independent art guide?
Yes. People could easily create their own career.

Does Filmscape offer unlimited discovery of cinematic content?
Yes, it opens an art world quite undreamt of before, entirely free of metadata constraint.

Is the 'Glimpses of Filmscapes Screen Saver' free for anyone to download and use?(coming soon)
Yes, you are most wecome to do so as long as used in a non-commercial context and you credit