The year 1900 marks the meridian between the Victorian era and our own, modern world. In the two decades that followed - which included both the Great War and the October Revolution - the old ways were lost for ever. A new, Modernist style furnished concrete evidence that the twentieth century was to be a new, forward-looking era. The apotheosis of the popular press as a mass-medium provided a secure framework within which the graphic artist, the cartoonist, the caricaturist and the illustrator joined together to develop comics - the ninth art form. Maurice Horn is interviewed in the film, which features Yellow Kid, Little Nemo, Krazy Kat and the Katzenjammer Kids.

Part of the series Comics - The Ninth Art



Award: Finalist Award, New York Film Festival


Director: Alejandro Vallejo
Script: Carmen Dominguez: Alejandro Vallejo: Maite Ruiz de Austria

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Catalog number #782

28 minutes Color

Age Range: 9 to Adult

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