The Fall and Rise of Mackintosh

When Murray Grigor made his first film on Glasgow's great architect in 1968, practically no one in Glasgow had heard of Mackintosh. And those who knew him were hostile or at best indifferent. The revelation of The Fall and Rise of Mackintosh is the process that put Mackintosh on the international map as a great force in contemporary architecture and design. The initiatives came from some quite surprising sources: it was the Italian Connection, through the firm of Cassina, that really launched Mackintosh as a contemporary designer of the 1970s, by appropriating and reproducing his designs.

For 1990, Murray Grigor devised an exhibition at the Glasgow School of Art and a seminar as part of the Mackintosh Society's conference. This brought together world-renowned architects who had discovered Mackintosh for themselves back when Mackintosh's reputation was at its lowest. They, along with other long-standing supporters, analyze Mackintosh's architectural legacy as 'an architect's architect.'

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Director/Writer: Murray Grigor: : Original music: David McNiven: : Interviews/Discussions: Filippo Alison, Italy: Edward Cullinan, UK: Hans Hollein, Austria: Stanley Tigerman, USA: Aldo Van Eyck, Netherlands: Professor Andrew Macmillan, UK: Professor Isi Metzstein, UK: Bruno del Priori, Italy: : Special work: Arata Isosaki, Japan:

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