A Memory of Moholy-Nagy

The Hungarian artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy was a major propagandist for Abstraction and constructive functionalism in art and design. His exploration of light, space and dynamism, while it employed modern technology and materials, was nevertheless informed by a sense of intuition and even spiritual aspiration. In addition to making avant-garde films and documentaries between 1926 and 1935, he experimented in a wide variety of artistic disciplines: architecture, painting, graphic arts, photography, theater and fashion. Using archive footage, photographs, computer and hand-drawn animation sequences, this film surveys his prolific career.


'...fast paced and information packed, never losing the viewer ... crisp with accompanying high-quality narration. The graphics are clever and well done. This video would be a nice addition to collections with a large demand for art titles.' Video Rating Guide for Libraries, USA


Director: John Halas
Animation and artwork: Andy Wyatt
Models: Brian Borthwick: Phil Gell
Narration: Robin Ellis
Original music: Boris Karadimchev
Computer animation: Tamas Waliczky
Advice: Hattula Moholy-Nagy:

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Catalog number #516

15 minutes Color

Age Range: 14 to Adult

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