Picasso: The Forceful Gaze

The Power of his Last Paintings

Pablo Picasso's most famous legacy, La Mira Fuerte (The Forceful Gaze), was made at the end of his career. The painter and his model in the seclusion of his studio, a symbol of sexuality and creativity, is the tragic story of his last wife, Jacqueline, who was expected to be model, muse and wife, and who was subjected to all the mental and physical metamorphoses of his paintings. La Mira Fuerte shows the view that Picasso eventually took of himself, in the figure of the old bearded artist who appeared, like a leitmotif, in numerous paintings. His friends, the writer Pierre Daix and the photographer David Douglas Duncan, speak about Picasso's untiring urge to explore new paths. Viewers are taken to Mougins and Vallauris in the south of France, where Picasso rediscovered his native Spanish culture, and, of course, to Barcelona to see paintings, engravings and sculptures from this brilliant artist's final, and little known, creative period.


Director: Michel Le Bayon

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Catalog number #531

26 minutes Color

Age Range: 14 to Adult

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Film Located in: 19. Modern Masters | France