Picasso: A Portrait

The Man behind the Legend

The whole world knows Picasso the genius, but has never been able to agree about Picasso the man. Was he monster or oracle, malevolent or full of wisdom? In 1951 the director Edward Quinn, working as a photographer in the south of France, met Picasso and was allowed to take his picture. Picasso liked the results and gave Quinn permission to visit and photograph him regularly at home and at work, while he continued painting, drawing, sculpting or relaxing with his family and friends. None of the numerous sessions was set up - Picasso simply carried on with his own life and Quinn observed without interfering. The result is this diary of images, revealing as nothing else could Picasso's fascinatingly vital personality and the way he drew on his everyday experience for artistic inspiration.


Director/Writer: Edward Quinn
Narrator: Roland Penrose

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Catalog number #532

60 minutes Color and Monochrome

Age Range: 14 to Adult

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