The work of Marc Chagall is justly popular for his images of lovers, flowers, musicians and clowns. It also has another side: his response to the world outside the studio, to suffering, to war and a wide cultural heritage. This video-recording of a major retrospective exhibition provides an opportunity to experience the full range of Chagall's art. It includes his mysterious student pictures from St Petersburg, poetic images from pre-war Paris and domestic scenes from further years in Russia. Whereas the early life and work is seen in chronological sequence, the later work is explored by theme and encompasses stained glass and etchings as well as oil paintings. The video not only records an important exhibition, but evokes the special poetic quality of the artist and his work.


Director: Ian Morrison
Script: Susan Compton:

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Catalog number #543

28 minutes Color

Age Range: 14 to Adult

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On 23 Jan 2015, Gaby wrote:
A very enjoyable experience!
Film Located in: 19. Modern Masters | Russia | France