Babylon - The Gate of the Gods

The legendary, holy Babylon, a city which flourished for thousands of years, an ancient metropolis also called the Gate of the Gods, is still a mysterious place, stimulating the curiosity of scientists even though they have already worked on its mystery for more than one hundred years. This film explores the immense ruined city of Babylon and, at the same time, the whole Babylonian empire. Two of the eight Wonders of the World, the Tower of Babel (the temple tower of Babylon) and the Hanging Gardens, have been located here. Even the present ruins impress the visitor, who can follow in the footsteps of the ancient kings through the Ishtar Gate and along the Procession Street past the vast ruin-field of the Southern Palace. The Babylonians occupied themselves with almost all the fields of science known in our times. For example, they were masters in trigonometry two thousand years before the Greeks. And they were great legislators, basing their laws on the Code of King Hammurabi. Babylon, a huge city in its time, was a peaceful meeting place of all the nations, races and religions of those days.


Part of the series Ancient Cultures of Mesopotamia



Director: Antti Kaskia

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Catalog number #22

25 minutes Color

Age Range: 14 to Adult

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