The Genesis of a Sculpture


This film employs a fascinating technique to show the various stages of a sculpture produced by Maxim Adam-Tessier. There is no narration, but the viewer is able to see the sculptor's hesitations, his choices - and his regrets. In this animated film, without ever seeing the sculptor or his hands at work with the chisel, we follow the magical transformation of the stones' contours, as layers are chipped away to reveal a face - and then, mysteriously, partly to eradicate it again. Many young viewers will learn an important lesson about art when they ask why, after nearly having the sculpture realistically "finished", the artist seems to take it back to a less defined form.


'The technique of this research film of great integrity is remarkable. The care taken to be truthful extends almost to complete frankness. This is a courageous film.' UNESCO


Mention d'Excellence, Cannes
Biennale Prize, Paris


Directors: Olivier Clouzot: Julien Pappe
Music: Anton Webern

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Catalog number #630

13 minutes Monochrome

Age Range: 10 to Adult

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