Sculpture in the City - Spoleto

Spoleto is a medieval Italian city, the ancient capital of Lombardy. Each year it has a festival of the arts, and its streets, squares, steps and old buildings are filled with new sculpture; on entering the city the visitor passes under a giant triumphal arch by the American Alexander Calder. This unusual film shows how the modern sculpture achieves new meaning and proportion when placed in outdoor settings within a city which already contains every style of architecture and design from Roman relic to Baroque. Included in the film are sculptures by Marino Marini, Laurens, Perez, Germaine Richier, Giacomo Manzu, Lynn Chadwick, Alexander Calder, Pietro Consagra, Ettore Colla, Nino Franchina, Alberto Viani, Leonardo Leoncillo, Hans Arp and Henry Moore.





Exceptional Quality, Italian Government


Director: P Schivazap

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Catalog number #640

11 minutes Color

Age Range: 12 to Adult

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