Anthony Caro

A combination of interviews with the internationally famous sculptor Anthony Caro and material shot at an Arts Council exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, London. This was the first European retrospective covering Caro's mature work, from 1969 to 1984, and the first time any of the thirty-one important sculptures had been seen in Britain. Included are examples of the brightly painted steel sculptures, several monumental sculptures from welded units of cast and plate steel, and a representative group of smaller table and floor pieces in various media. The exhibition and the video demonstrate the range and beauty of Caro's work, which has been acclaimed as the most significant achievement in sculpture since the days of Abstract Expressionism.

Biographical Details
Anthony Caro is considered by many to be the most significant sculptor of his generation. Born in 1924 near London, Caro worked as an assistant in the early 1950s to Henry Moore. Increasingly Caro became interested in constructing abstract sculptures from scrap metal, in the tradition of Julio González, Picasso and the American David Smith, rather than in carving or clay modelling. He formed important contacts with the American Abstract artists of his day (see section 16), and with formalist critics, such as Clement Greenberg, who were their champions. Not unlike Henry Moore, Anthony Caro has come to be thought of as an official public sculptor in Britain, producing ever-larger works for prestige sites worldwide. He has continued undaunted by the loss of confidence, in some quarters, in purely formalist Abstraction, and his status as an 'institution' in contemporary art has continued to be conformed by major monographs and museum retrospectives.


'This should have much appeal to the general audience as well as the true art lover. Because Anthony Caro is not very well known to American viewers, this might be a means of expanding the number of people who appreciate his work. Recommended.' Video Rating Guide for Libraries, USA


Director: Brian Taylor

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