Lichtenstein in London

This film is a record of Roy Lichtenstein's retrospective show 'The American Dream' at the Tate Gallery, London, and includes a wide range of his comic-strip paintings, some of his caricatures of modern styles, notably those of Picasso and Mondrian, and a few sculptures. The diverse opinions of members of the public interviewed at the exhibition reveal the controversy surrounding Lichtenstein's work at that time. Lichtenstein talks about the rôle of the cliché in his art, and his attempt to counteract the lack of sensitivity in commercial art while deliberately using the same restricted imagery, materials and conventions. He describes his wish to develop a similar clichéd style for his 'copies' of other artists' work, creating something which is both a caricature and also a genuine statement in its own right.





Director: Bruce Beresford
Scenario: David Sylvester
Narration: Roy Lichtenstein
Arts Council of Great Britain:

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Catalog number #592

20 minutes Color

Age Range: 12 to Adult

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