Howard Hodgkin: A Study

Howard Hodgkin has for some years been one of Britain's leading artists, but the recognition enjoyed by painters such as Peter Blake and David Hockney has come to him only recently. This program sets out to consider the preoccupations and techniques of the artist and his work and to relate these to the wider context of painting, past and present. Recurring themes, such as the intimacy of a moment with friends, are identified and considered alongside the technical devices of Hodgkin's work. This video is a good introduction to abstract painting, since it offers a clear and accessible argument for this kind of work.

'... a sense of Hodgkin's finely tuned use of color, recurring themes, and unique visual language.' Video Rating Guide for Libraries, USA


Director: Brian Taylor
Script: Joe Connolly:

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Catalog number #598

16 minutes Color

Age Range: 12 to Adult

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