22. New Directions New Dimensions

Art has perhaps never been so diverse, even fragmented, as it is today. The developments of Modernism, with Abstraction, collage, Constructivism, photographic techniques, and Dadaist and anti-art 'events', have opened up a bewildering host of avant-garde options for the artist. Many employ photography, film or computer-generated imagery. Others create 'environments' and 'installations'. Some choose to make a social art that tackles issues in the 'real world', others a private art confronting inward emotions and ideas. This section represents a few of the most diverse creative trends of our day.

A Day So Red
Homage to the American Indians
Walls, Walls
The Murals of Los Angeles
The Paintings Came Tumbling Down
Art on the Berlin Wall
Pictures for the Sky
Famous Artists Design Kites
Processing the Signal
Video Art, Technology, Artists and Audience
Play It Again, Nam
Portrait of Nam June Paik, the Inventor of Video Art
Pleasures and Dangers
Six Women Artists at an Exciting Stage in their Careers
If Brains Were Dynamite
The Sculpture of Mark Prent
Image of Light
The Photography of Sir George Pollock