Art in the Making: Rembrandt

Rembrandt is universally recognized as an artist of intense feeling, but here less well-known aspects of the seventeenth-century Dutch master are revealed. He was a brilliant craftsman and his calculated painting methods, studio organization and ingenious use of certain pigments, as well as his dramatic use of thick, impasted color, are all explored through The National Gallery's own unrivalled collection.



Part of the series: Art in the Making



'...successfully combines scenic outside footage with more technical interior shots and museum stills. Heard is articulate and scholarly; he has a keen sense of timing. He knows how to present technical information in a pleasingly beneficial format. The program informs the artist and art historian, teaches the student, and entertains the layperson.' Video Rating Guide for Libraries, USA


Presenter: James Heard
Audio Visual Unit: The National Gallery

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Catalog number #296

20 minutes Color

Age Range: 12 to Adult

Closed Captions and Interactive Transcript

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