Credited with liberating color from its rôle of merely describing the subject of a painting, Turner evoked an intensity of feeling in his landscapes that future Impressionists and abstract artists were to try to capture years later. This internationally acclaimed film, which shows why Turner is regarded as the father of modern art, is a cinematographic essay on the most important period of Turner's work, the last twenty-five years. A selection made from ten thousand paintings illustrates Turner at the height of his creative powers. Most of the works filmed have never been photographed or exhibited before. The original music captures the ethereal quality of Turner's work. There is no narration.


'A first rate film. A very successful choice of the late Turner period at the time when, having become a master of color, his extraordinary qualities as a colorist are at their peak. Turner is depicted as a phenomenon. The faithful color reproduction, the richness of the music, and the care and elegance of presentation.' UNESCO

'Here is Turner exposed to public view in a way no exhibition, however ambitious, could match' Art and Antiques Weekly, London


Silver Cup, Salerno
Certificate of Merit, Vancouver
Highly Commended, German Center for Film Classification
Quality Award and Prize, French National Film Center
Chriss Award, Columbus
Koussivitzky Award, USA prize for the year's best piece of European contemporary music


Director: Anthony Roland
Original music: Marius Constant

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Catalog number #360

12 minutes Color

Age Range: 12 to Adult

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