Constable: The Changing Face of Nature

Leslie Parris, co-selector of the 1991 Tate Gallery Constable exhibition, introduces his hero with great knowledge lightly worn. 'We all know Constable,' he says. 'It is difficult to escape The Haywain as it trundles from one biscuit tin to another. But if we look instead at the real thing, we may find an artist more varied and more exciting than we imagined.' Largely filmed direct from the paintings themselves, this is a valuable introduction to Constable's art.


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The landscapes of John Constable are so familiar, so constantly on view, that it is difficult to believe that at the time he was painting landscape subjects were often considered inherently inferior to other genres


'Teachers, programmers, and independent students of art ... will find this video useful.' Video Rating Guide for Libraries, USA


Writer/Presenter: Leslie Parris
Audio Visual Unit: The National Gallery

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