Art in the Making: Impressionism

A group of pictures in The National Gallery, London, cleaned to restore the original brilliant colors and textures, exemplifies the aims and methods of the Impressionist painters. This video, filmed on location in France and England, looks at the Impressionists' color theories and their use of newly available pigments, and demonstrates the ways in which modern technology made possible the development of Impressionism.


Part of the series Art in the Making


'This high-quality program provides a focused overview of a significant period in painting history ... well scripted with high-quality photography of the paintings ... lighting that shows the texture of the paint on the surface, both important characteristics of this style ... recommended for audiences who are interested in learning more about how the impact of new materials and knowledge affect the way artists paint.' Video Rating Guide for Libraries, USA


Presenter: James Heard
Audio Visual Unit: The National Gallery:

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Catalog number #391

22 minutes Color

Age Range: 14 to Adult

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