30. Art, Architecture and the Environment

Increasingly, nowadays, we are made aware of the importance of our relationship with the environment that we inhabit - the whole planet - and we hear that modern civilization is causing drastic damage to the ozone layer, the rainforests, the oceans, in fact the whole eco-system. Late in the day, and all too reluctantly, we are beginning to face our ecological responsibilities, and to look to cultures and to periods in the past when nature and humankind seemed to exist in harmony.

The films in this section look at architecture that damages the environment and continues the industrial aggression of the twentieth century; at a 'new age' of architecture that by contrast is caring in its use of the earth's resources, and that seeks wholeness in its philosophy; at traditional African building in which such principles have never been abandoned; and at artists who have taken their works out of commercial galleries and into the landscape, to make statements of 'eco-consciousness' and solidarity with more ancient world-wisdom.

Prehistoric Sites
From Stonehenge to the Moorlands of Western Britain
Paris: Story of a City
Medieval to Modern within a Century
Europa Nostra
The Threat to and Protection of the European Heritage
Europe's Architectural Heritage: A Call to Action
A Day So Red
Homage to the American Indians
Walls, Walls
The Murals of Los Angeles
An Affirmation of Life
The Architecture of Moriyama
The Seasons
Four Journeys into Raili and Reima Pietilä's Architecture