31. Films for Younger Audiences

All films in the Roland Collection are given audience age-guides and many, even when not made specifically for younger audiences, will be found eminently suitable for children, whose approach to the unfamiliar and challenging in art is often more receptive and unprejudiced than that of adults.

Many films in this section have little or no narration, offering broad, unintimidating access to their subjects, which parents and teachers can use with children at many levels. Some titles offer irresistible stimulus to practical play and creativity. Calder's Circus, for example, shows how simple media such as wire, cork and tin can be used to create figures and animals, while Pictures in the Sky provides the perfect prelude to kite-making and kite-flying. Other films encourage collage, drawing, modeling and exploration of the environment.

Tassili N'Ajjer
Prehistoric Rock Paintings of the Sahara
Prehistoric Sites
From Stonehenge to the Moorlands of Western Britain
Looking at an Abbey
How Cistercian Monks Organized their Lives
Building an Abbey: Rievaulx
Approaching Technology through an Historic Building
Grimes Graves
Neolithic Flint Mines and the Techniques of Flint Knapping
Visions of Light
Gothic Stained Glass
Working on the Evidence: Maiden Castle
Modern Archaeology at the Iron Age Hillfort
Buildings and Beliefs
Medieval Social Structure and Spirituality
The Past Replayed: Kirby Hall
A Living History Project for Special-needs Schoolchildren
Teaching on Site
Seventeenth-century Merchants' Houses
Evidence on Site: Boscobel House
Where Charles II Hid from Parliament
Chapels: The Buildings of Nonconformity
Baptist, Unitarian, Quaker, Methodist and Others
Star of Bethlehem
Baroque Woodcarvings - Neapolitan Crib Figures
Adventures in Perception
The Work of the Graphic Artist Maurits Escher
Pictures for the Sky
Famous Artists Design Kites
Of Leaves and of Earth
Traditional Tribal Architecture of the Cameroon