35. Conservation and Preservation

The preservation and conservation of works of art and architecture is a major and a proper concern of the guardians of cultural heritage worldwide. The films in this section range from impassioned calls for conservational vigilance to informative studies of archaeological and fine-art restoration processes.

Romanesque Architecture of Alsace
Men of Stone, Men of Faith
Romanesque Architecture of Normandy
Narrow Naves, Mighty Vessels
Guido Mazzoni
The Master of Ecclesiastical Lifesize Statuary Groups
Borobudur: Beyond the Reach of Time
Restoring Indonesia's Great Shrine
Nubia '64
Saving the Temples of Ancient Egypt
Europa Nostra
The Threat to and Protection of the European Heritage
Europe's Architectural Heritage: A Call to Action
Physics and Fine Art
The Scientific Examination of Paintings
The Rietveld Schroeder House
Restoration of a De Stijl Interior and Exterior