Writers on Writing: Creative Writing Course

'Writers on Writing' is a major resource in video and print designed to stimulate creative writing and literary appreciation. It is based on edited conversations between writers discussing their work at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. This creative writing course is designed for teachers of English and students aged fifteen and over. It consists of six twenty to twenty-eight minute videos and a study guide with forty-eight tasksheets.

The course aims to bridge the gap between the professional author and the student writer by raising shared issues such as methods, themes, language, genre and form. It provides:

source material on the writing process to encourage reflection and discussion about how to write
supporting materials for course work or for the independent student to develop the craft of writing
insight into the work of contemporary writers; their discussion of their own writing will encourage students to read with greater understanding
A teacher could build a year's course around the videos and tasksheets, or they can be used individually. This flexibility also makes the course ideal for adult evening classes and self-study. The study guide covering the whole course is supplied with each video. Additional copies can be obtained from the Roland Collection.

The writers in the series include:

Dannie Abse
Chinua Achebe
Brian Aldiss
Martin Amis
Maya Angelou
Margaret Atwood
JG Ballard
John Berger
Raymond Briggs
Margaret Drabble
Elaine Feinstein
Maggie Gee
Nadine Gordimer
Mary Gordon
George Higgins
Kazuo Ishiguro
PD James
Lena Kennedy
Robert Leeson
Deborah Moggach
Wendy Perriam
Marge Piercy
Harold Pinter
Christopher Priest
Ruth Rendell
Michèle Roberts
Salman Rushdie
Maurice Sendak
Mongane Serote
Janice Shinebourne
John Updike
Mario Vargas Llosa
Gore Vidal
Fay Weldon
Arnold Wesker