Interactive Filmscape and Transcriptions


Interact with art as never before

The dream of art lovers and art lovers-to-be

FILMSCAPE fulfils a wish to access every image of a film, and for you to explore each work of art in the film without recourse to metadata.

Through instant visual discovery you can zoom into any part of a film, starting from any particular location, with or without sound. View images full screen or scan the entire film. Details in the background of camera shots can be clarified at your chosen tempo. Try this yourself, using this FREE sample of the work of Maurits Escher.

FILMSCAPE allows you to enjoy many of our rare films in this new way. For example: find Picasso playing chess with his goat (Picasso, a Portrait), the slaves' astonishing hidden backs of Michelangelo's monumental sculptures (Michelangelo), Rembrandt's mastery of drawing people achieved by using only eight lines (Rembrandt's Christ), night-time landscapes drawn in pointillist textures by Seurat (Seurat Drawings), and massive women painted across entire buildings in Mexico City (Re/Visions: Mexican Mural Painting).

The Roland Collection comprises 26,000,000 cinematic images using FILMSCAPE to enthral you for as long as you want.


This is the written text of the spoken narration or interviews simultaneous with the soundtrack, which you can control. By choosing a specific word the visuals will then jump to that corresponding part in the film - an ideal method of reviewing a film from its spoken content perspective.

Non-English speakers will find these transcripts useful, as well it being ideal for the hearing impaired.


At the bottom right of the film player frame is a button for activating closed captions. These are in English but will be published shortly in a number of languages. This will in effect act like subtitles.

Filmscape has been jointly developed by The Roland Collection, England, and the Content Interface Corporation (CIC) Toronto.

** Not all titles have Filmscapes or Transcriptions. Note: Filmscapes requires Adobe Flash to view.