Reviews of ARTSCOPE, a huge circle of 16 open air cinemas presenting The Roland Collection

An art extravaganza on the Mall.
Artscope's 100 art films create a living museum.
Magical mystery tour of art.
Space. Air. Dancing light.
Stratosphere beyond stratospheres.
It's a carnival, a festival, a bacchanal and a mass.

Washington Times

Uniquely suited to its site between the Air and Space Museum and the National Gallery of Art. A campfire-circle for culture vultures.
The brainchild of a collector who accumulates on a large scale.
... the atmosphere is glorious.

Washington Post

Don't miss the art sensation of the summer.

Corcoran Gallery

Anthony Roland, filmaker and art expert has forged a unique amalgam of international talent ... spectacular ... dazzling
Technically superb film projection in this mobile museum of art films.

Smithsonian Associate

The best of all possible things to see and do in this best of all possible cities.

New York Magazine

One of the more intriguing parts of the "Britain Salutes New York" festival.

New York Times

... offers visual delights to the masses. ... a most unusual film festival that combines an open-air museum with an outdoor art gallery.

Daily News, New York City

I must urge everyone to visit the most extraordinary spectacle to be seen anywhere in the festival.
... this kinetic display magically reaches many layers of experience.
Strolling under the stars with headphone trained on sound-tracks, one becomes part of a Surrealist dream.

The Scotsman, Edinburgh

'Artscope', a unique event in art and film history.
... guaranteed to enthrall, astonish and entertain.
... another cultural leap forward in providing art appreciation for all."

Edinburgh Festival News

... guaranteed to make even the most jaded of event producers, sponsors and participants sit up and take notice.

Special Events Report