Reviews of films directed by Anthony Roland

... really distinguished ...
... stimulant to appreciation ... intensifies the emotional experience that masterpieces can give ... marvellous means of getting the feeling of a work of art, even when the spoken word is dispensed with altogether.
The Times, London

... meticulously composed ...

Nottingham Guardian

I must say I was mesmerised.
... compelling ...
... a revelation: a strength and force disclosed, a mastery made clear.

The Sunday Times, London

... of universal interest .. penetrates very deeply ... the mystery of creative activity in an artist of genius. And the result is a masterly film which can, like a poem by Andrew Marvell or a sonata by Scarlatti, bear endless repetition, each time yielding something fresh and valuable to the spirit.

Arts Review, London

... matching the moments of artistic creation.

The Sunday Telegraph, Sydney

... most ambitious ... relentlessly high minded ... a tone poem ... quiet and imaginative.

The Burlington Magazine, London

... valid and valuable.

Canadian Art, Canada

... the effect is very powerful.

Film News, Sheffield

... a very strong feeling for the artist's style, ideas, and moods ... notable for unity of purpose and coherence, for synchronisation of visuals and music.
... shows real feeling for the artist.

Vancouver International Film Festival

... excellent and imaginative ... sensitively made ... musical score always in perfect harmony.

Edinburgh International Film Festival

... taste and restraint ... and wonder.

Sun, London

... impeccably serious ... perceptive and moving.

Sunday Telegraph, London

... remarkable sureness of expression.

La Cinematographie Francaise, Paris

... producing precisely the effect he set out to achieve ... most interesting .. very powerful ... directness and intensity ... an unquieting and fascinating experience in art.

St Louis Globe-Democrat, St Louis

For art lovers and art historians, and many others ...

The Illustrated London News, London

... the rhythm of the images is very beautiful.

Her Vaderland, The Hague

... an air of reality that was uncanny ... brings the experience of drawings by master artists into the consciousness of the spectator ... highly successful ... fresh aspects of art, capable of discussion and evaluation by students and school classes.

Studio International Art, London

... bold ... illuminating and fresh in approach ... so memorable.

London Life, London

In this vivid and startling treatment still pictures become moving scenes, and the style and dynamic spirit of the artist are revealed. It is an experience to see the sketch book of a great artist come to life.

Anglia Television, Great Britain

... a real feeling for the material .. the picture comes alive as it does to only the most sensitive naked eye ... especially valuable ... lucid and moving ... in the hands of Mr Roland art criticism becomes in itself an art as it does only occasionally in the hands of writers ... compelling impact ... an imaginative experience invaluable to the training of deeper responses to art.

Times Educational Supplement, London

Startling musical score; excellent photography; unusual treatment of subject; artistically authentic ... turned stills into a moving scene showing the art and genius of the artist ... editing excellent, especially use of drawings for story ... exciting ... brilliant use of drawings ... intimate; unity – like a poem.

7th Biennial Documentary Film Festival, Canada

The continuity of such an art movie is poetic, in terms of the aesthetics of the motion picture, rather than factual in terms of what it depicts. As a work of art in itself, such a film helps understand and appreciate an artist's work far more subtly and dramatically than any more traditional art-documentary.

Art Voices, New York City

Anthony Roland is an artist. We seem to be sharing the artist's most intimate thoughts in a strange land where the creativity of Delacroix is perfectly matched with the equally creative powers of the film maker. It's uncanny. Anthony Roland, the master of the montage and dissolve ... Henry Moore, London 1940-42 ... The film melts moment by moment into a living and breathing homage to the people of London ... these films will be studied.

Michigan Education Journal

Films on art become art ... most exciting ... the heightened sense of dimension Roland brings to black and white drawings. In preparing his films Roland has gone through thousands of private and museum collections and has brought into pictures of 15 and 50 minute length works of art which would be almost impossible for most persons to seek out. Many of the drawings are not available for public view and in each film there are many surprises ... won many film festival prizes. Here is a new expression engendered, worthy of many more awards to come.

Des Moines Register, Des Moines

... a work that deserves to be seen everywhere.

Le Figaro, Paris