Reviews of the Original 1998 Roland Collection Website

... the unique marriage of art and technology by a film director.

A creative crusade.

Anthony Roland's resulting compilation has been described as "the treasure of the 20th century". The "artway in the sky"...

"... an encyclopedia of inspiration and creativity selected from more than 8,000 documentaries."

The Times, London

... an invaluable role in world culture

... taken steps to bring his collection to a world wide audience

... your launching it now, internationally, in a very special way... a new, a very modern way of opening your collection up for sale and scrutiny ...
BBC World Service


"Time to download Delacroix."

"Art lovers need not trek to galleries to see the great works ..."

"Now accessible at a screen near you: Monet ... Raphael ... Canaletto ... Millais ..."

"... a 33-year crusade to safeguard the art he loves for posterity has taken on a special dimension."

"... an impressive undertaking."

"One thing Roland has in common with his fellow collector, Microsoft chief Bill Gates, is an eye for the commercial potential of online art."

"Berlin's Central Library, for example, recently purchased a copy of every film in the Roland Collection for public display. But the potential for generating additional sales revenue in cyberspace is considerable."

"For Roland, amassing the collection was a labour of love, and he is mindful of his responsibility to the film-makers whose work is now under his stewardship."

The Financial Times, London

... of lasting importance, including many rare films dating from the mid-20th century which would otherwise have been lost. The chosen films reflect the notion of art as life-integral and promises that it all interconnects and cross-fertilises in unexpected ways.

NET Magazine

" His belief is that films on art should be works of art in themselves, with attention given to the music, narration and direction as well as the intrinsic subject matter."

" The indexes give a wealth of cross-references to allow searches by title of work, artist's name, country and place name, art form, art movement or style, and subject matter."

"This long-awaited comprehensive guide to an impressive collection will be widely welcomed by teachers, art historians, galleries, museums and film-makers. "

VIEWFINDER (The Magazine of the British Universities Film and Video Council)