Reviews of films from The Roland Collection

... a living museum.

Washington Times

... inspiring survey of some of Man's greatest achievements assembled with exquisite taste and perception.

TIME-LIFE, New York City

... only films of the very highest quality.

The Teacher, London

... quality all the way. This one man UNESCO.

The Sunday Times, London

That it required the enterprise and courage of one individual to bring such a concept into being is a matter for amazement.

Telegram in The Times, London

... has fulfilled a worthy ambition ...

Art & Artists, London

... the magnitude of Anthony Roland's faith.

The Guardian, London

Enthusiasm for art ... such a success ...

The Daily Telegraph, London

... exposed to public view in a way no exhibition, however ambitious, could match.

Art & Antiques Weekly, London

... extending the specialised cinema circuit and enlarging the periphery of the London art scene.

Arts Review, London

... beautifully produced ... educationally valuable ... a wonderful collection ... was very much impressed.
The aspects of many art treasures were brought out in extremely beautiful settings and with remarkable perception and imagination ... many art teachers found it very rewarding to take their students.

Visual Education: Nat. Commit. for A.V. Aids in Education

... most discriminating ... Anthony Roland is one of the rarities in the film industry, and out-and-out intellectual ... remarkable success.

Evening Standard, London

... welcomed by all art lovers.

Art & Artists, London

... headed for success ... the world's first art museum presented in film form.

The Christian Science Monitor, Boston