Picture Credits

The Roland Collection staff have used their best efforts to ensure that all information is correct. However, if credit to any individual or institution has been inadvertently overlooked we should like to be informed.

Illustrations taken from productions, or from stills supplied by producers, are used in conjunction with the title to which they belong. Copyright remains with the title in question and is not credited separately.


Picture credits with film catalog number
Copyright remains the property of the suppliers


25 C Handisyde 23 C Handisyde




92 Richard Bryant
92/93 Richard Bryant
266 Richard Bryant
269 Richard Bryant
313 Clay Perry
334 David Churchill
336 Lucinda Lambton
351 Mark Fiennes
373 Mark Fiennes
374 Richard Waite
375 Chris Bland
376 Richard Bryant
376 Richard Bryant
460 David Churchill
480 David Churchill
481 Mark Fiennes
481A Richard Bryant
483B Alex Bartel
483B Robert Einzig
483C Alex Bartel
484 Richard Einzig
704 Richard Bryant
712 David Churchill
719 Richard Bryant
764 Richard Bryant
765 Richard Bryant
765 Richard Bryant
766 Richard Einzig

Tim Benton
233, 238, 244, 245, 246 , 252, 254, 260, 261

Book Art
237, 706, 707, 763, 763

The British Council Collection
598 Howard Hodgkin (Skill Life in a Restaurant 1976-9)

Tony Chambers
713, 737

English Heritage
13, 16, 99A, 99B, 137, 265, 267, 312, 339, 372

Glasgow School of Art
471, 702

Goethe Institut
612 Yoneda Walther

Leighton house


Henri Storck

27 Alexis Vorontzoff, 30 Nenadovic, 40B H de Jong

Pierre Voinet
627 Photomontage of works by Peter Wili and Eric Boissonnas

Collection of Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
621 Geoffrey Clemets and Jerry L Thompson

Alexendar Calder, Calder's Circus, 1926-31, mixed media. Purchase, with funds from a public fund-raising campaign in May 1982. One half of the funds were contributed by the Robert Wood Johnson Jr Charitable Trust. Additional major donations were given by The Lauder Foundation; the Robert Lehman Foundations Inc; the Howard and Jean Lipman Foundation Inc; an anonymous donor; The TM Evans Foundation Inc; MacAndrews et Forbes Group Incorporated; the DeWitt Wallace Fund Inc; Martin and Agneta Gruss; Anne Philips; Mr and Mrs Laurance S Rockefeller; the Simon Foundation Inc; Marylou Whitney; Bankers Trust Company; Mr and Mrs Kenneth N Dayton; Joel and Anne Ehrenkranz; Irvin and Kenneth Feld; Flora Whitney Miller. More than 500 individuals from 26 states and abroad also contributed to the campaign.