Circle of Light

The Photography of Pamela Bone

This film without words is composed of Pamela Bone's unique photograhic transparencies. Her talent has been said to 'push photography beyond its own limits, liberating it to the status of an entirely creative art form.' Inspired by nature, and being more responsive to feeling than to thought, Miss Bone has sought to express the mystery and beauty of the inner vision through photographic means alone: landscape has the quality of a dream; children on the sea-shore have a sense of their own enchantment, trees are forboding and strange when night moves in their arms. It took Miss Bone twenty years to find the right technique and so overcome the limitations that photography would impose.





Director/Scenario: Anthony Roland
Sound: Elsa Stansfield: Delia Derbyshire
Award: First Prize, Cork:

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Catalog number #660

32 minutes Color

Age Range: 12 to Adult

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